Thursday, 12 March 2009


To complete the water pump motor instruments we create your AutoTop Rapid Level Control, a simple tool that can function as a means of detection conditions water tower you accurately.

Some of the excess AutoTop Rapid Level Control:
• AutoTop or can be used easily and safely.
• AutoTop will overcome the vacuum or excess water overflow loss are useless on the water tower you.
• AutoTop can work mengefektifkan how your water pump motor, so that electricity can save energy used.
• Finally, by using this AutoTop, overcame problems will spare you for this water and you will be satisfied with the AutoTop.

Usage Instructions:

1. AUTOTOP can be mounted on a strategic location and safe, or in a dry place not exposed air.

2. Connect the cable source / suplay 220-230 V AC at the terminals that are available (picture 2).

3. Connect the cable or electroda ABC can use the cable NYM 3x1, 5 mm2 in available and connect the terminal to the tower basin water your container. Electroda cable can be set according to needs (size) of your back-up water, the vessel's tower.

4. Place the jack stecker or water pump motor in the stop contacts that are available on AutoTop. Thus the water pump motor you are ready to work automatic.

5. AutoTop can also be used as a means of control of water level in the tower container vessel water pump motor that uses a larger power and capability. For this purpose necessary for the form of a contact rellay or contractor that capacity in accordance with the power your water pump motor. The way string up see pictures 5 and 6.

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