Monday, 9 June 2008

StrawHat climax action!

'hachi is hurt by tenryuubito'

You promised... Even if somebody gets shot... Right before your eyes!! You mustn't go up against the tenryuubito..!
I was a pirate in the first place, anyway...!!! I did bad things..this is my just deserts...!!
I'm sorry.. I never meant for things to turn out.. Like this..!
I just wanted to make things up to nami..! Even if only a little...
I just wanted to be able to help you guys out... But it's no good. No matter what i do... I'm always just useless...!!! I always just screw things up..!
I'm always just getting in everyone's way.
I'm so sorry-----!!!

luffy's wrath... smashing through every limit!!

One piece chapter 502,

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