Friday, 20 December 2013

It is worthed or not!

Its been a while that I visiting Botani Square, usually i just wanna watch a movie when i come to botani. and yes, this time too i want to watch Hobbit 2. But, today story is not about Hobbit 2... its about something worthed and meaningful.

For me its become habits to read some comic and buy some books at gramedia botani before the movie is played, so i came to gramedia 1 hours before the hobbit starting. FYI, at the front entrance of gramedia botani is a big space that used by CITRUS to sale some discount product. CITRUS is a store that focus in fashion, they sale clothes, bag, sandals, shoes, wallet and many more just like Ramayana or Robinson.
Why i talk about citrus and not gramedia, its because there is a stand that caught my attention! hehehe a wallet stand that say "Discount 50%" for each wallet, and so i walk and checking it one by one. The models of the wallet is very alluring my heart, there is so many choice out there that very suitable and match for me.
I need a new wallet, because my old is already broken. There is so many defects in the wallet that disturbing me, and my friend said to buy a new one.

After I choose that i want, i see the price of the wallet and you know? the price is more than five-hundreds-thousand rupiah! yes more than Rp.500.000! OMG, that shocking me and i almost fainted by the price.
How is that possibly so much expensive for just a wallet?! even after the discount price is still expensive. It is worthed to spend Rp.250.000 just for a wallet? oh please, i don't think so! For me Rp.50.000 for a wallet is too much, and now 500.000 rupiah? No way!!!

After i know the price that is shockine me, i got to thinking "what the heck is people spend their money so much just for a wallet?" Did you guys buy a wallet because its prestige? oh god, please think again. So, i decided to leave and go to gramedia to read some comic and buy some books.
And here we are, my newest book collections. Do you know what, that two books is more less than one wallet that sale on citrus botani square... even the books is not discount :p

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